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calendar_todayPublicado el 7 mayo, 2021


We are a high growth startup currently operating in three major cities in Mexico. With our latest funding round, we have the jet fuel needed to grow across the country and LatAm.


We are looking for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) that is well rounded – high performer, competitive, goal/result orientated, with ability to think strategic and execute fast, in a precis and agile way. That is able to synthesis a lot of information, filter priorities and work under high pressure. Be creative and forward thinking – but also practical and understanding of real financial return of initiatives made.

Are you going to able to inspire us as a business, our teams, our culture, our people? Our clients, prospects, community of couriers, and the hundreds of entrepreneurs using our service on a daily basis? If your confident it’s a yes – apply and join the family!


1- The job includes, but not limited to:

-Creating, testing, validating lead generation and conversion strategies.

– A/B value proposition for product/service solutions that company offers.

– Pre- city/country launch marketing strategies and campanges

-Ability to rapport and understandment of ROI

-Work closely with companies Chief of Expansion (+teams).

Main objective is to a line marketing effort with companies’ growth projections for 2021 and 2022


2- Content strategy/vision (content created by a jr designer)

– Grassroot marketing

-Lead generation

-Lead nurturing

-Post sales & costumer success content

-Community building content (merchants, couriers, consumers)

-Will work closely with companies Head of Costumer Success (+teams)


3- Product/service strategy

-Understanding and becoming an expert of product/service, market space, consumer pain points, market dynamics and competitors.

-Ability to identify, validate and launch (together with founding team) new value propositions/features/services for new and existing clients.

– Will work closely with companies’ founders + Head of product

– Main objective is to a help create new value add product features that prolongs costumer lifetime value and further differentiates us from the market.


4- Brand and culture

-Creating content that reflects companies core values

-Helping amplify company culture, internally and externally

-Will work closely with companies Head of People

-Main objective is to a through marketing help shape and amplify the company culture and reflect our core values as a business – internally and externally.


BIG PLUS – if you come from a startup environment, have had/ have your own business, 3+ years of experience from marketing/sales

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